Prominent Denizens of Lendore

Faldelac, High Priest (10th level Cleric).  He lives in a remote, nigh impregnable compound in the Dweomer Forest which ostensibly functions as a casino/hermitage dedicated to an unnamed "Master of Lots" and "God of Chance."  Though rumored to be an honorable man and a useful source of information about goings on in the vicinity, in truth he is a hedonist who is dedicated to free love and knows little--and cares even less--what is happening at Bone Hill or Restenford, so go away.  He possesses a cursed amulet and has several extremely attractive followers.

Grellus, Champion (7th level Fighter). The Baron of Restenford, he appears to be a formidable fighter though, despite his strength and skill, he lacks the balls to assert his authority and reclaim his tower from the sorceror Pelltar.  A tightwad and an inept administrator, he hoards the treasury of the realm in a hideout whose location remains a secret known only to him, and refuses to shed a single coin toward municipal improvements or public safety.  Nobody likes him and even less people respect his authority; not even his daughter.  His only friend is a djinn named after a comedian who lives in the dungeons under the castle--the djinn, that is, not the comedian.  It should be noted that his castle is actually a squalid little double-wide that he bought at auction after a tornado ripped through Kroten County Trailer Park a few years ago.

Pelltar, Sorcerer (9th level Magic User).  A Restenford citizen, he owns a house in town, as well as a warehouse packed full of valuable merchandise, and he has a lease on the tower at the Baron's castle, which is where he prefers to spend most of his time--probably using his crystal ball to keep up on the action at Fladelac's love palace.  A paranoiac and a misanthrope, all of his properties are heavily guarded, locked and/or trapped by mechanical and supernatural means.   Yet despite this he is generally reliable and relatively virtuous--by Restenford standards--and this has earned him the respect of the citizens of Restenford and the loyalty of the three apprentices in his employ. 

Welcar, Hero (4th level Fighter).  Despite his aged appearance, Welcar is widely regarded as a rough customer not to be crossed.  Despite his dealings with the underbelly of Restenford, he has somehow ingratiated himself into Pelltar's employ, and has been the benefactor of at least one cover up handled by the sorcerer; see the lynching episode for more on that.  It is rumored that Welcar was a compatriot of Pelltar's during their adventuring days and--for reasons you'll have to guess at yourselves--the sorceror does not want this information made public.  Though he can usually be found at one or the other of the taverns in towna regular at