Friday, March 9, 2018

New Maps of Restenford

1. Map of Monmouth, NJ by John Speed.
Years ago, I posted a selection of maps of Restenford that I'd
scrounged from various internet sources. Recently, a budding young cartographer named R.R. Calbick sent me a map of R'ford that he rendered up, modeled after the work of John Speed who, back in the day, made those cool old-timey maps with the buildings rendered into 'em that we all know and love. See figure 1.

Anyway, Mr. Calbick rendered up Restenford for us in a similar style over three separate maps including the original Restenford, a somewhat streamlined Restenford that has suffered the destruction of several buildings, and, in the third map, we see that someone in Restenford finally dips into the treasury to beef up security with improved guard stations, a wall surrounding the north side of the village and, finally, an adequate lighthouse so that the poor gnome can finally ply his trade with his head held high.

2. Antebellum Restenford, by R.R. Calbick

3. Post Antebellum Restenford, by R.R. Calbick. Note the expanded graveyard.

4. Apres post antebellum Restenford by R.R. Calbick
A point of further interest: these maps were sent to me by a one Lenard Lakofka. Yes, that's right, the inspiration for this here blog has finally tracked me down and, rather than slapping me with a cease and desist order or going full-Welcar on me and releasing the hounds, he hooked me up with Mr. Calbick and his awesome maps! Furthermore, he's also provided some other cool resources as well, which I'll get to in a later post. For now enjoy the visual treat of Restenford cartography.


Dwayne said...

Look great! Can't wait to see what else he sent you.

grodog said...

Lenard is a trove of information and history about the Lendore campaign, as well as the rest of Greyhawk! :D


Leomund said...

he'll get to it eventually

j. davis said...

Printed out the first one for my first B/X game. Thank you for sharing.

Dwayne said...

Any new posts planned? It has been over a year.